Walk with me: creative tourism

This project called «Walkwith me» was born in order to escape from the conventional maps which lack the visual appeal of exotic locations. These maps offer an illustrative portrayal with charming corners of the region which are severely lacking in traditional maps. The illustrations are accompanied by creative copies and explanations that guide you through an intuitive journey. They encourage the visitor to keep on walking. The project is focused on the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, using several locations an emblematic image of their respective neighbourhoods.

They collect glimpses of typical aspects of the culture and the people of the city, while providing a comical and light-hearted perspective. The illustrations and drawings accompanied by their descriptions and are the work of illustrators such as Andrés Lozano and Tatiana Boyko. The descriptions of the places are the work of writer Isa Roldán.

You can buy the guide on website, whether you are tourists visiting the city for the first time, or even as an another piece to your art collection and discover some sites that you might have never know about.


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