Urbarna: photographic souvenirs

Today a project born in the city of Barcelona is presented with the help of designer and photographer Christian Schallert. It was born as a small photographic project in 2006, and it has evolved to the creation of a brand: Urbarna; and products on shops  located in emblematic areas of Barcelona (C / Trafalgar, 56). It brings a different approach to the city of Barcelona through photographs, showing from its streets, food, and people.

The great success of this project lies in the naturalness of the photographs. Out of a study, without premeditation or organization. The naturalness of the actors is the center of these postcards, citizens or tourists who are «casual» models who provide special and everyday moments but with a very personal touch. The differentiation is another ingredient of these memories, reflecting not only the typical tourist sites we usually find in any guidebook. Random moments fleeing from the typical, which have become reference cards.

It gives a twist to the typical souvenirs, and it offers personal and charismatic product. Postcards show  photographically moments of the Barcelona routine with all that it implies, and somehow turned into works of street art.

The design of them is symbolic and a characteristic element of the brand, its jagged edges make them different. From #wearetostadora we leave you, with a selection of those photographs we liked most, and we wish we could work together in the future.

urba3 urba28 urba27 tre
urba25 urba23 urba22 urba21 urba20 urba17 urba16 urba15 urba14 urba13 urba12 urba11 urba9 urba6Images by Urbarna


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