Tot-em: immortalize important moments into something tangible

We present Tot-em, the fantastic project created by three aspiring youths: Daniel Lopez, Andrea Ruiz-Capillas and Guillermo Serrano. Their purpose? To capture an audio message, whether it be of a babbling brook, a favourite song or the sound of your own voice and to immortalize that sound onto a physical form. This results in a truely unique and personalised piece of fashion accessory.

Each product physically represents soundwaves so you can carry it with you.

The development of the whole process is to capture personal and meaningful soundwaves, rotate them 360 degrees and turn it into a three-dimensional form. This form has as its main element wood and silver, carved with special craftsmanship to convey to consumers the phrase that means something special, for example a simple a reminder of a childhood song, a memory of a someone’s voice and laugh. A completely different way so far to share your moments in a tangible way.

Their offers range from pendants to key chains which can be bought online. By simply logging in, you can create your own audio recordings, which are saved for you to be personalised later on if you wish. Their website also dedicates a section for these moments where you can find stories captures and shared by people around the world using Tot-em’s web recording tool.

Immortalize important moments into something tangible, wearable and with you all the time. Create your own experience!


tot2 tot14 tot13 tot11 tot10 tot9 tot8 tot7 tot6 tot5 tot4Images by Tot-em


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