Stylized vibrant patterns by J3Concepts

In this blog article we would like to feature a new artist who has been creativing extraordinary works of art for years, working with international brands such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, Adidas and more. Jared Nickerson, based in Seattle, USA is the co-founder of renowned vector community, Blood Sweat Vector, (BSV for short) but his main focus is his website specialising in branding, character, logo, videogame, editorial, and textile design,

Today, we are featuring his exceptional talent in vectorized patterns. By combining an intricate layout of unique vector designs within a common theme and highly vibrant colours, the end product is a piece of art which exceeds the sum of its individual vectors.

Below we’ve included our favourite stylized patterns from his portfolio. Make sure to appreciate this artist and his work in his Behance profile.

Forest Demon Pattern


Credit Union Pattern3

Nickelodeon Franchise Pattern4

I fear you girl Pattern5

My father was a jewel thief Pattern6


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