Streetart: for everyone, everywhere

Street art, urban discipline that reflects a particular style and also a lifestyle. Criticized by some people for daring, and praised by others for being transgressive and creative.
The street is turned into a space for art, where creativity has no limits. Street creations with a purpose and a meaning, sometimes vindictive, other social, and other purely artistic. It doesn’t matter the final purpose of it  has, the Street art has become a different platform on which to express the art and beauty, from freer point of view, more open. Art for everyone.
It is usually mixed with street furniture, and going beyond painting walls. It mixes everyday items you see every day on the street, turning them into something witty and sometimes a bit of comic. We can find these creations in any kind of space,sometimes  in the most unusual ones. From an abandoned factory, through a central street to end up in a public place like the subway. In #wearetostadora we are in favor of this technique, and we show you those which have seemed more creative for its use, aesthetics, and purpose.


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 Images by: Streetartutopia


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