Reskate: Long life to the skate

How to give a new life to objects that in theory we think they are no longer useful? that’s the idea of ​​artistic business carried out by the Barcelona collective Reskate Arts & Crafts. The idea emerged as an initiative among friends to give a second life to used skate boards, but also a creative twist. To remake those Skateboards  we may have forgotten in garages and we have abandoned its practice and use. Reskate is the name of each project, each board illustrated and returned to the street. Its basis lies in sustainability, illustration, and especially the collaboration.


The initiative works thanks to the work of illustrators, called «reskatadores» who are working with different drawing techniques to return the illusion of skating, that’s how the philosophy of the brand is defined. They are the founders themselves who polished and prepared each board, and then they can be drawn by the long list of ilustrators working in this great idea. On their website you can find an interesting section, with artists and illustrators, who have contributed their artistic talents to this discipline.


Since 2010, all this work has resulted in a recognized brand all over the country and it also has more than ten exhibitions in and outside of Spain behind. Since #wearetostadora we leave you with a selection of the most outstanding boards (it is difficult to choose), and some photos of their amazing expositions.



Images by Reskate



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