Pedrita Parker: with love and shamelessness

Today we present an illustrator whose work is a mixture of personalised illustration and lettering, but the essence of her work is the message shared with her fans and audience: Pedrita Parker.
Behind the character we can see the designer, Estefi Martinez, whose fondness for the absurd inspired her to create the main character of her illustrations: Queen Freckles. We could define her as the woman who lives life to the fullest.

This is why we love the message Pedrita Parker transmits using her uniquely comical and witty approach. Among her designs and illustrations, which can be purchased on her website, we can find artwork as different as «come to give you what is yours,» or «The early bird, god looks surprised.» It defines her style as something made with love and shamelessness, and her mischievous line marks a difference from the overly superficial optimistic messages that you find around social media.
We’d love to have this great designer with us on Tostadora’s marketplace and where we are inspired to live and work with love and shamelessness.

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Images by Pedrita Parker and No me toques las helvéticas


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