Design&Coloring packaging, Oreo

The brand of Oreos, reinvents and launches for Christmas through a brilliant campaign  in which consumers can color packaging. A different way to adapt the product to the needs and tastes of their followers.


Its operation is the ability to add not only color but also names and a message to the envelope, so that it becomes a personalized gift for this time of year. The idea came from the hands of artists and designers  Jeremyville, y Timothy Goodman, whose creation is focused on two illustrations to customize, moving them to your liking focus on the screen, and then coloring. You also have the possibility to add decorative elements of the company logo. The process ends with the payment of your custom packaging and ready to send to your recipient. All this can be done through the site created for the occasion.
oreo1 oreo2 oreo3 oreo4 oreo5 oreo6 oreo7 oreo8

Images by Adweek, Criatura Creativa




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