Our international marketplace is the right place for artists

If you are reading this you most probably have artwork and want to show it to the world. You are really excited about your latest designs and have started looking for new options for showcasing your designs. One of the first things that most artists do to visit exhibitions to show your illustrations and other projects accomplished. If you’ve already done that, great! That’s always the first step and a great way to receive feedback and to network with other artists.

The internet is a great place for artists because you know there are several places for you to start submitting your work such as portfolio websites, so as to gain awareness. And won’t be wrong. It is a good idea and many successful artist continue to do it even after reaching fame. Having your own website is a great idea too. A lot of work but highly professional. So far so good. Nice job!

But hold on. Are you sure that this is will be bringing massive amounts of exposure to your artwork in a profitable and non-time consuming way? You won’t receive an abundance of viewers without putting in the appropriate time and effort before. But even then are you confident that this will be profitable? Here is where an online marketplace which allows you to submit your artwork for free comes into play.

Tostadora marketplace: an automated sales system

What if there were an online marketplace looking for talented artists like you and which could provide you an international audience? For artists like you, Tostadora is the gateway to a global market where your designs can be showcased. And what if you get commission – a commission which YOU get to choose- for every sale? This means not only awareness of what you do best, but also earning money through it as an automated sales system. Yes, you read right! When you submit your illustrations and designs on Tostadora, after having opened a store for free, these designs are available for as long as you decide and available for purchase to international buyers 24/7.

So, by only dedicating some time to upload your designs on Tostadora you get access to a huge global market, attracting over a million potential buyers every month.

You only need to know how to create designs suitable for printed products – especially T-Shirts -, which our audience is looking for.  Not sure where to start? No worries: you can check our hacks on how to design for printed products.

Furthermore, you stay focused on designing, leaving us to do the the rest. And we are good at it! With over 6 years of experience and over 170,000 satisfied customers Tostadora will take of the boring work for you:

  • Printing the product
  • Logistics
  • Customer service

We strongly believe that we are here for making your life a little bit easier, giving artists the freedom to focus on what they enjoy and do best.

you design, we take care of the rest

T-shirts are our flagship product, but also…

Tostadora is originally from Spain, having started in Barcelona with T-shirts as our flagship product. We have had 150,000 original designs submitted by artists such as these:

star wars designs

We now have specific websites for France, the UK, Italy and USA, where people from all the world can buy our products, which also includes hoodies, cotton bags, iPhone cases… And more are sure to come! If you think you have some designs suitable for other products as well such as canvas and wall arts on Tostadora, don’t miss the chance to be here with us! We aim to be your favorite international marketplace for your amazing art!

Finally, when you submit your designs on Tostadora you also have the opportunity to be featured on other channels, such as Tostadora’s ‘Featured Artists‘ where you receive an exclusive article in the blog and promoted on all the Tostadora websites. Exposure guaranteed!

So, that’s why at Tostadora we strongly believe that our online international marketplace is the right place for artists. Are you in?

Let us know in the comment section below or send an email to shops@tostadora.com


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