11 original Ilustrations on magazine front cover

How many times have thrown away the magazines that have already finished reading because we thought hat we would no longer use them? We tend to keep those, or start those pages, we consider different from the rest, we are attracted visually «this for my room’s wall.»We present you a collection of the best covers of magazines with their illustrations, which make the act of reading become an improvised small art gallery. Some are cast in the typical cover with the photo of the model, forming a fun and interesting composition. What it is clear is that the photograph mixed with the art of illustration is a clear option with a great visual impact, and appeals the reader differently.This compilation shows these small works of art which are not only common and frequent in the world of fashion, but also in decoration, sports, politics, and even in business.


revistas-populares-ilustradas-1 Another-Kate1 braldt-bralds-ingenio-e-ilustracion-L-GB7vjK byrne_superman_manofsteel_time CAPI Ilustracion aerografo Portada Basket16 (color)_0 ilustracion editorial mourinho-rolling-stones-600x765 newyorker_anajuan revistas-intervenidas revistas-intervenidas-dos



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