Home is where the Mom is

If there is one thing for certain in life it is that a mother is always right. » Sure, If I go I’ll find it «

Today we’re showcasing a project from the artist – Nanu Facture, which collects all those iconic «Mom» phrases that you’ve heard as a child. Even now, if you listen carefully, you can feel the assertiveness yet tenderness in these words. Nanu’s online store allows us the opportunity to personalise these dear sentences onto sheets, plates and magnets with their own original touch which could be perfect as a gift this Mother’s Day.
Every mother may have her own repertoire and this is what makes them special, and Nanu Facture is well aware of this, that’s why the artist has made it possible to customize these articles what you’ve always heard at home growing up.
madre1 madre8 madre7 madre6 madre5 madre4 madre3 madre2

Images by Nanu Facture


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