Our guest for this week is an awesome Spanish illustrator – Miguel aka WhiteBison, now settled in Barcelona after spending some years living in Mexico, who has recently joined our team of more than 25.000 international artists.

Featuring simple yet catchy designs, his creations have become highly popular for those who can’t stop getting enough of wearing beautiful pieces of art.

In this interview we will talk about his hobbies, his work and and his sources of inspiration. If you would like to know a little further about the designer Miguel Martinez aka White Bison… continue reading! You can furthermore find all of his latest designs on http://www.tostadora.com/whitebisonart 


Tostadora: So Miguel, what should we know about you?

Miguel: I’m a guy from Barcelona, big fan of rock music and videogames. Besides all that I like to paint and play drums!


Tostadora: How did you come up with your artist name? What does it mean to you?
Miguel: Bison’s are one of my favourite animals so I thought it was cool to have it to represent me.


Tostadora: You began your career as a 3D designer. What made you want to become an illustrator?
Miguel: I always loved 3D design but if you’re not working on the videogames or movies field it becomes a little boring…so I kinda got burned out from it.


Tostadora: What’s your source of inspiration?
Miguel: I love to work with silhouettes, different shades of the same color and work with the composition.


Tostadora: Do you have any advice for T-shirt designers out there?
Miguel: Just try to do design that you would wear!


Tostadora: Describe a typical 24 hours in the life of White Bison.
Miguel: After breakfast and taking my dog for a walk I usually check my emails and begin working on a design. Then lunch, another walk with my dog outside, sometimes I hang out with friends, the give some more attention to my dog… and play videogames a little before going to bed.


Tostadora: What do you do for fun? Have you been able to visit any art exhibition recently?
Miguel: Yeah, I recently went to the Pixar exhibition in Barcelona, great stuff of design and illustration!


Tostadora: Three amazing talented graphic designers to follow?
Miguel: My friend Naolito, Megatherium and Audrey Kawasaki.


Tostadora: Favourite T-shirt design? (your own or a fellow artist’s)
Miguel: A Earth (band) t-shirt I have with an illustration of Arik Roper.


Tostadora: And favourite color for t-shirts?
Miguel: Black


Tostadora: Your favourite Pokemon?
Miguel: Charmander


Tostadora: Favourite TV-show at the moment?
Miguel: Workaholics


Tostadora: PC or Mac?
Miguel: PC all the way.


Tostadora: What’s the best piece of advice you have heard?
Miguel: Just try to be yourself.


Tostadora: What’s your personal motto?
Miguel: Always shoot for the moon!


Thank you once again Miguel for taking the time to get to know you and your work better. It was truly a delight! Hopefully we can get to visit you in Barcelona as we are not too far away.

You can find more of WhiteBison’s work on Tostadora here : http://www.tostadora.com/whitebisonart



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