Hi everyone, here we are again trying to show you the best gossips of our gourmet designers.

At Tostadora we had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most important t-shirt designers from our Spanish territory.

Oliver Ibáñez a.k.a. Olipop describes himself as a graphic designer and t-shirt artist, based in Spain (Well, we are pretty confident about that). He also declares that he loves movies, TV shows, soundtracks, video games, Harley bikes and Scotland.

Do you wanna see his portfolio? Here you are: http://www.tostadora.com/olipop

Tostadora: Hi Oliver! Now, that you have already told us what you do, we can start off with… How did you end up working with Tostadora?

Olipop: I knew about Tostadora when I was working for another online t-shirt store a few years ago. Then I became a freelance artist and began to sell in your store! :)



Tostadora: Advices are good for people that are just starting at this business. Can you give them a couple of little tips?

Olipop: Of course! The business is growing very fast right now and if you love to design/draw your own ideas this is the right moment. You can have your own store at Tostadora and sell to a lot of people in the world, and of course, get some money for that! There are lot of great artists that are in the business for a long time, like Naolito, Arinesart, Biticol, Medusa Dollmaker, Fanboy30, Mike Andy, Bamboota (just to name a few of them). You may end up being as famous as them!

Tostadora: Trying to get into personal stuff… What do you do on your free time?

Olipop: I like to see a good movie or TV-show or playing a good video game, so I can get some ideas and inspiration (he laughs). Also I like to have a ride on my motorcycle when I can or spend time visiting places.

Tostadora: What is your favorite TV-show?

Olipop: Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are great tv-shows.



Tostadora: And film?

Olipop: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Braveheart, The Fountain.. I have a lot of favorite films!

Tostadora: Complete the sentence. I’m always listen to …. when I’m working on my designs

Olipop: Soundtracks, Rock and Heavy Metal (Yeah, it’s a bit odd mix :D)

Tostadora: Any gossip to know about you 😉

Olipop: The Force is strong with me!

Thanks Oliver for this little part of you that you showed to Tostadora. We hope our relationship will last for many years!




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