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This week we are honoured to talk with Majo and Javi aka Mos Eisly, a film passionate Spanish couple from Valencia. In their store you can find T-shirts about all the films you’ve grown up with: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Teminator and so many more! Their designs will hit youlike a nostalgia train. So enjoy our up close and personal interview with Mos Eisly and have a look into their universe…


Tostadora: Who is behind Mos Eisly?

Mos Eisly: We are Majo and Javi form Valencia (Spain). We love films, that’s why we created Mos Eisly which much more than just a brand to us.


Tostadora: How did you hear about Tostadora?

Mos Eisly: We knew Tostadora through other graphic colleagues who helped us reach where we are now.


Tostadora: Which is your favourite design on Tostadora and what’s the story behind it?

Mos Eisly:Dirty Diana”: it’s a crossover between Diana, the cruel rat-eater from the famous sci-fi TV show “V”, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the design is named after his song. We have always thought about these two concepts and somehow the idea of merging them together has always been there. We love this design because it represents perfectly us: passion for pop culture and the retro icons of our generation.


Tostadora: Which is your favourite film?

Mos Eisly: It’s really difficult to pick up just one, but we would say Star Wars.


Tostadora: What film character do you think fits best with Mos Eisly?

Mos Eisly: We like to think that we are a couple like Han and Leia; brave, passionate, determined and always carrying on against adversity.


Tostadora: What is a routine day in the life of Mos Eisly after breakfast?

Mos Eisly: We play with our sweet rebel princess and we prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. We look for new ideas, update our social networks or we just continue working on our projects.


Tostadora: What is your work method? Do you design first with pencil or everything is computer made?

Mos Eisly: In most cases we start with our pencil and a notebook. Then we digitalise the work created. We work with Illustrator to vectorise our designs and then Photoshop to apply the final touches. Still, every design is different and has its own requirements.


Tostadora: Do you have any special plan for the 4th May? Maybe a new design?

Mos Eisly: We are always planning surprises and new Works! This year we would like to promote our most recent galactic design “Rebles Assemble”, a Star Wars and Avengers crossover.


Tostadora: Three graphic designers you admire?

Mos Eisly: Don Robot, Van Orton, Rocky Davies.


Tostadora: Three film scenes we should not miss?

Mos Eisly: “I love you – I know” Empire Strikes Back

“I know it was you, Fredo. You Broke my heart” The Godfather Part 2

“I wonder if it remembers me” The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


Tostadora: Where can fans follow Mos Eisly on the Internet?

Mos Eisly: First of all, on our official website, where they can find all the information about our works. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest


Tostadora: And finally, any advice for new designers?

Mos Eisly: Don’t try to imitate anything or anybody. We base our art on our own references and have models to follow, but we think it is utterly important to be original and have a personal mark which people are sure to appreciate.


Thank you very much guys, it was a pleasure talking with you. We hope to see more new designs soon! Good luck and May the Force be with you…


You can find all of Mos Eisly’s designs on Tostadora here:








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