This week we bring you the story of a girl that used to go to the cinema every weekend with her grandpa. Within those precious moments of watching Edward Scissorhands hand she realised she wanted to work in the cinema business.


Till now she has worked on several cinema pieces, works with a very well known music groups in Spain (such as kakkmadafakka for example) and on their video clips most of all.


She is Marta, but is better known as Lyona.



Tostadora: Tell us, what should we know about you? And... what do you do? 

Lyona: I’m a music video director from Barcelona who enjoys making illustrations. I love cinema, music, my city and cats. I started making merchandising for the bands that I worked for and I ended making my own designs, and here I am!


Tostadora: You have a special theme in your work about Monsterss. What inspired you to create so many designs with Monster? What do you like most of this particular theme?

Lyona: Some years ago I made a children’s book called «I will fight monsters for you», people really loved the main characters «Martina», a little girl, and «Anitram» a little pink monster, and they often asked me for t-shirts and things, so I decided to make some merchandising with them.

What I like the most of my work is that is really honest and fresh.




Tostadora: What do you do on your free time?

Lyona: I love going to the cinema and riding my bike.


Tostadora: What is your favourite tv-show?

Lyona: Mad Men.

Tostadora: And film?

Lyona: Edward Scissorhands


Tostadora: I’m always listen to …. when I’m working on my designs

Lyona: Lately I can’t stop listening to the last Sufjan Stevens’ album.




Tostadora: On Sundays I love to…

Lyona: I love to go out and take some «vermut» with my friends on a bar in a little square in my neighborhood.


Tostadora: Any gossip to know about you?

Lyona: Mmmm… My nickname, Lyona, comes from a funny story. I met a guy in Sicilia, ten years ago, and we fell in love but we both had fiancé, so we decided that when we were singles we would meet each other at a midpoint of our cities, and that point was Lyon.

I decided to use Lyona as my artistic name since then. And no, I haven’t been in Lyon yet. :)





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