Featured artist: Juliana Motzko

Today we present  you Juliana Motzko, a Brazilian artist of great experience, and gourmet designer of Tostadora. She is a designer, teacher, and animal lover who has made children’s illustration one her main tasks. He defines her style as a result of her personal and professional experiences, and today we explained the little secrets of her work and projects.


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1. Vector icons of famous public figures and celebrities is certainly one of your strengths within your job. Are there any characters that can be challenge for you? Any favourites?

I really love to do fanart illustrations! It’s one of my favourite themes so far! But each character is a new challenge, because I challenge myself to capture their iconic features that makes them recognizable. But thinking about challenges… I think the most challenging character to draw till now has been Elvis Presley. I’ve tried perfecting his iconic features several times but still haven’t found a look I’m 100% satisfied with. It’s a process and I’m still perfecting my art… haha. I hope I’ll be able to create an Elvis Presley fanart design which I am happy with soon!



2. Which style would you say defines your work?I think my work is essentially inspired by child-like universe. There is a certain tenderness and positivity which I try to portray in each and every one of my designs.
This is mostly done through the colours selected but also their facial expressions and features. Many of my characters don’t have mouths, but you can feel them smiling through their eyes and posture.
I believe in making illustrations which make people smile.. it’s definitely what I try to express through my art.
3. In what ways has your childhood influenced your career as a designer?I have been drawing since I was a little girl. My family always supported me and I think it was one of the most important things I’ve been doing in my life till now.
All my childhood memories (friends, games, animals, funny facts etc.) definitely have influenced me to be an artist and to create art which reminds me of my childhood. I do love to create art that makes people feel touched and happy.4. Which three elements would you consider are essential in your designs?

Hmmm… tough question. Well, maybe simplicity in shapes, lovely facial expression (even if the person doesn’t have a mouth… lol) and as mentioned before, features which make the character recognizable immediately.



5. Your most important moment in your career as an illustrator/designer.

I think I’m growing up as illustrator. For so many years I’ve dedicated my life as a teacher and a pedagogical coordinator, but within the last year I’ve decided to quit my job in order to really focus on my illustration career. I love making art and this motivates me to continue improving my designs – step by step. I have a strong aspirations to succeed as an artist but I know I have many challenges to face but I really believe that you need to follow your heart to make your dreams come true. So.. my moto is to continue creating and learning at the same time, and a lot of new challenges will come up along the way.

6. A challenge you want to overcome in the short term.

I really want to make a living from my art, but I know that my goal is a marathon, not a sprint.
Talking about short term challenges, I always imagined launching a children’s book with my own illustrations and really want to do this within the next few years.

7. What comes next for you Juliana?
I have a lot goals and ambitions… lol… To start, I definitely want to focus on my illustration skills, creating more art and getting more customers on Tostadora! (yeah!)
I’m working right now on a new children’s series that will be available as soon as possible in my store. It’s a serie that not just filled with cute characters but will also be educational for the kids. Working in education for so many years (almost 10!) has made me believe that learning within a fun environment is best for the kids. I have a lot ideas to continue with this and to continue to create art which make the kids enjoy but also learn at the same time. It’s a challenge, but I am constantly working on it and I’m sure that the kids, teachers and parents will really enjoy these series.

You can see more on her shop at Tostadora here


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