Welcome to our latest edition of our “Featured artist”! Every week we feature one designer and try to understand better their brilliant minds. Do they see colours that we don’t? Do they receive inspiration from beings from outer space? We may never know but we do our best to have a look into what goes on inside their bright minds.

This week we want to introduce to you, David B. aka DroidLoot. This American artist has hit the spot when it comes to cross-genre, reference mashing and all round amazing hilarious designs. You can find all of his work on Tostadora here: http://www.tostadora.com/art/DroidLoot.

Tostadora: So David, tell us a little about yourself. Where does your artist name come from?

David: I’ve never publicly revealed this and I’m not about to start now. It’s an incredibly boring story, but as long as long as it remains a secret, there’s at least a little bit of mystery to it. I aim to keep it that way.

Tostadora: How did you hear about Tostadora and what made end up working with us?

David: I received an invitation and after checking it out, I really liked what I saw. I’m partial to online shops that have a community attached to them. It just makes self promotion easier. I also liked the image uploading system. This was by far the fastest shop I’ve ever set up.


Tostadora: Do you have any advice for T-shirt designers out there?

David: Take some time to look at the work being printed at all of the daily sites like Ript, Teefury, Woot, etc. See where your style fits the best and submit your work to them. Each site has an individual fanbase and it’s crucial to know them. A shirt that sells 4000 on Woot might only sell 100 on Ript.

Tostadora: Do you have any graphic designers you admire?

David: Of course! For T-shirt designers, I really dig the work of Zerobriant and Mephias. For more traditional graphic design, I’ve always liked The Designer’s Republic and Neville Brody.

Tostadora: What is the perfect day for you?

David: I’m an American expat living in the Philippines, so pretty much every day is the perfect day for me, haha. I try to get all of my work done in the morning and early afternoon, so I have the rest of the day to spend with my family. Eating, swimming and relaxing are the major activities here. I’m just about to build an oceanfront house on a small piece of property we got for next to nothing, so my relaxing days are about to come to an end.


Tostadora: We´ve enjoyed following your work on social media. Where can our audience follow you?

David: https://twitter.com/Droidloot and facebook.com/droidloot

Tostadora: What’s your source of inspiration? Do you prefer working on a particular theme more than others?

David: Most of my designs are mashups or parodies, so I love watching the latest movies for inspiration. Marvel and LucasFilms have contributed a lot to my imagination and I try to honor them with my work.

Tostadora: Your favourite design?

David: That is a really tough question. I would argue that every design is my favourite while I’m working on it. When it’s done, it represents a little chunk of my life that is equally valuable to all the others. I don’t know. It’s like trying to choose a favourite kid. It would be much easier to answer what my least favourite is.


Tostadora: Favourite TV-show at the moment?

David: I’m really enjoying ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and I’m making my way through ‘House of Cards’ too. Gotta balance the drama with comedy.

Tostadora: PC or Mac?

David: Both. I learned on Mac and eventually graduated to PCs for their customizability. My iPad gets a lot of usage too.

Tostadora: What do you use to work? Pencil or Computer?

David: Depends. If I’m inspired while at my PC, I’ll start doodling in Illustrator. If I’m away, I’ll take a napkin and a ballpoint. As long as I can get out what’s in my head, I’m impartial.


Tostadora: If you were to have one super-power, which one would it be?

David: It would have to be time travel. Being able to fix past mistakes and getting to experience future technologies would probably keep me busy until I run out of steam.

Thank you once again David for letting us have the opportunity to get to the artists behind the designs. It has been delightful and we hope that we can get to visit you in your paradise home in the Philippines haha!

You can find more of Droidloot’s work on Tostadora here : http://www.tostadora.com/gifts?shop=droidloot

Let us know your favourite design Droidloot has available and why in the discussion section below. we’d love to hear your thoughts!



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