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Welcome to our second edition of our Featured artist! Every week we feature one designer and will be getting up close and personal with them to have a look into what goes on inside their bright minds.

This week we want to introduce to you, Gregor aka Dr Roger. This Scottish artist has mastered Pop-culture references into his artwork and has a variety of designs dedicated to TMNT, Breaking Bad and Doctor Who. You can find all of his work on Tostadora here: http://www.tostadora.com/art/DrRoger

: So Gregor, what should we know about you?

Gregor: I’m a graphic designer, I design mostly pop-culture parody t-shirts.

Tostadora: How did you hear about us and why did you end up working with Tostadora?

Gregor: I heard about Tostadora on Twitter, I liked the fact that you could personalise your clothing and I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful.

Tostadora: Do you have any advice for T-shirt designers out there?

Gregor: Keep at it. The more you work at it, the better you’ll get (obviously) so don’t give up 😉

Tostadora: What do you do for fun? Have you been able to travel recently?

Gregor: I enjoy, spending time with my friends, watching movies and listening to music among other things. I recently travelled to Paris, I really enjoyed it especially the nightlife.

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Tostadora:  We love following your work on social media. Where can our audience follow you?

Gregor: On Facebook facebook.com/drrogerdesigns & Twitter @DrRogerDesigns

Tostadora:  What’s your source of inspiration?

Gregor: My inspiration comes mostly from pop-culture elements that I’m a fan of.

Tostadora:  Your favourite T-shirt design? (your own or a fellow artist’s)

Gregor: I’ll have to go with one of my own on this one. “Time Lord Medical School 10” because I’m a big Doctor Who fan and Ten is my favourite Doctor.

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Tostadora:  Favourite TV-show at the moment?

Gregor: At the moment Better Call Saul.

Tostadora:  Favourite music band?

Gregor: That’s a tough one, there are so many great bands that I like, I would have to say The Beatles (but I also like Arctic Monkeys, Queen, Jurassic 5, The Jimi Hendrix Experience to name only but a few).

Tostadora:  PC or Mac?

Gregor: Mac.

Tostadora:  Prefer using a Pencil or Computer?

Gregor: Computer, using a graphics tablet.

Tostadora:  Pizza or burger?

Gregor: Pizger…? Is that an option?

Tostadora: HAHA. It is now

Thank you Gregor for your time! We hope to find more of your latest designs on http://www.tostadora.com/gifts?shop=drroger

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