Hi everybody! From now on, we will be featuring one designer every week and will get up close and personal with them and have a look into what goes on inside their bright minds.

This week we want to introduce you Bruno Clasca aka Donnie. This French artist has specialised himself in mashups about pop culture, video games, TV, comic, etc. His most famous creations, the Minions revision, are already available at his store in http://www.tostadora.com/art/Donnie.

Tostadora: Bruno, what should we know about Donnie?
Bruno: I am an illustrator, mainly working for T-shirt designs and inspired by the pop-culture.

Tostadora: How did you find Tostadora and why did you decide to work with us?
Bruno: I found Tostadora just looking for T-shirts sites. I think the webpage brings a very great opportunity to artists to get known. The team is really nice and the site is well done!

Tostadora: Any advice for T-shirt designers?
Bruno: Never give up

Tostadora: Your last trip?
Bruno: My last trip was to Canada, but it’s been too long since then…

Tostadora: Where can we follow Donnie?
Bruno: Mainly on my Facebook and on my blog http://leblogdedonnie.illustrateur.org



Tostadora: Your inspiration?
Bruno: My inspiration comes from video games, cinema, pop culture in general and films I watched when I was a boy.

Tostadora: A T-shirt colour?
Bruno: Black or blue

Tostadora: A TV show?
Bruno: The Walking Dead

Tostadora: A music band?
Bruno: Oasis

Tostadora: A book?
Bruno: American Psycho


dark dark2

Tostadora: PC or Mac?
Bruno: Mac

Tostadora: Pencil or computer?
Bruno: Humm… difficult one… I guess pencil.

Tostadora: Pizza or burger?
Bruno: Pizza
Thank you Bruno for your time! We hope to see more new designs on http://www.tostadora.com/gifts?shop=poptee




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