Hi everyone, I recently had the pleasure to interview Alejandro Hinojosa, as known as Alecxps. He is one of higly respected gourmet designers at Tostadora who lives in the cosmopolitan Barcelona.

Alecxps art is focused on cinema and tv-themed designs, superhero and gaming references and characters among others. We guarantee you will love his art, so don’t hesitate to take a look to his portfolio: http://www.tostadora.com/art/alecxps/

So we thought that will be interesting for you to know some success secrets about this artist as well of showing some facts of his daily live. All people like gossiping… don’t like them? Let’s start!


Tostadora: Hi Alejandro! Tell us, what should we know about you? And what do you do?

Alecxps: I’m a second year Biomedial Engineering student that has a huge passion for cinema, tv-series and design. Fuse these three things together and… Here I am, designing freak t-shirts.


Tostadora: How did you end up working with Tostadora?

Alecxps: I knew Tostadora before start designing. I loved the t-shirts that the web showcase, so, when I decided to enter the world of t-shirts, the very first thing I did was to open a shop with you.


Tostadora: Do you have any advice for T-shirt designers that are not sure at all about dedicating their time on t-shirt business?

Alecxps: From my point of view, designing t-shirts was really linked to the things I liked and still like. So you think that people you comes across you will love this kind of designs as well. You have to love what you create and don’t give up. This is the only way to improve day by day.


Tostadora: What do you do on your free time?

Alecxps: In my free time (if I have anytime) I prefer to watch my favorite series and films. Sometimes, thanks to these moments, I become suddenly inspired and I am able to create a new design. I also collaborate at “La Pantalla Invisible” blog, writing about what I like most, cinema and TV.


Tostadora:  What is your favorite TV-show?

Alecxps: Community and Breaking Bad. Both of them are the best I ever seen on TV.


Tostadora:  And favorite film?

Alecxps: I have to say that Toy Story 3 had an impact on me when it was launched. The film sent me back to my childhood days.


Tostadora:  What is your source of inspiration?

Alecxps: I’ll get inspired with lots of things. Sometimes, I search for information about themes, looking for inspiration. Other times, I get inspired with the t-shirts I’ve seen down the street but I’m open to all the little daily details that can feed my imagination.


Tostadora:  We forgot! Rolling Stones or Beatles?

Alecxps: Rock always. I love hard and indie rock.



Tostadora:  Your favorite Sunday plan?

Alecxps: A good film, my cozy sofa and a blanket. That’s all.



Thank you very much Alejandro. We are extremely glad to get to know you a little bit better and always delighted to see new amazing designs in your store! You can find his designs here: http://www.tostadora.com/art/alecxps/



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