Diego Cusano and his culinary illustrations

How to combine your love for art and gastronomy? Diego Cusano gets it with his artistic compositions replacing elements of illustration with gourmet ingredients carefully selected from your favourite recipes. In his creations we can see hats replaced by chips, ears by mussels, or hands by individual macaroni. The list goes on and it’s not only parts of the human body which are substituted by delicious food ingredients. Diego has discovered a taste for other imaginative uses of edible items. He defines himself as a «fantasy researcher» and has compiled a complete list of illustrations in the book «Food, Art and Fantasy». The goal for Cusano Diego is, as he puts it: «to give smiles, when people look at my work: this is me!!

comida1 comida12 comida11 comida10 comida9 comida8 comida7 comida6 comida5 comida4 comida3 comida2Images by Diego Cusano


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