Food relationship with David Olenick

If you’ve ever thought that if the food did not exist, most of our concers would be erased like the gym and dieting, this post is for you. Because it is said that whatever does not kill, it is fattening, and David Olenick, designer and illustrator in New York, has translated this concept with a touch of spicy humor. He is the author of this series of pictures that embodies the tug of war that we have every day, not to fall into the temptations of food and drink and its consequences to the body, and especially to our reputation.

He makes fun with the usual clichés, the abuse of alcohol and its later regrets, and even with that ice cream you have in industrial quantities healing in downturn moments. The eternal fight / relationship between eating some ice cream again, or fight with the scale ever.  And what about if the food and drink  tell us the true effects of this?
You can follow the trail of his brilliant illustrations on its website or in its Facebook. We hope that someday we can count on Tostadora with your winks in our shirts. Identified? We do.


COMIDA 6 comida1 comida2 comida3 comida4 comida7 comida8 comida9 comida10 comida11 comida12 comida13 comida14 comida15 comida16comid5

Images by David Olenick


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