Customer vs. Graphic Designers

The life of a freelance graphic designer hosts all kinds of adventure curiosities. Among these adventures is the turmoil of clients relationships – the hassle of firstly and most importantly, understanding what the intened project entails.

These briefings make the life of a freelance graphic designer in many ways impossible.  Missions which have made more than one pulling at hairs or had just laughing for not mourn.  Within the professional world of  visual arts, designers have to handle a number of image formats an duse different programs, programs wich are unknown to the client. They the request a different format, one wich is not suitable for the projet.

To satisfy their requests, designers have to jump through rings and hoops in order to provide a high level of professional service, despite their seemingly innocent but absolutely absurd requests.

Designers could most certainly create a miniature library of short stories, journals and maybe even a feature film about their experiences in the day-to-day life as a freelancer. Many times artists are forced to bite the bullet and accept that the «customer is always right», forced to learn the valuable lesson of patience and flexibility, especially as they are hold the checks in their hands.

«You are right it´s better that way»

This article cover topicas around the lifestyle of graphic designers, their tools, and how the appear to us. We´ve collected those phrases and typical customer requests, as a graph. Such agonizing moments are based on real experiences, and waiting to hide from them you can´t but help laugh.

After all laughter is best medicine

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