TED Talk: Where do good ideas come from?

TED was founded in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman. It is a platform that organizes events all around the world in which,  speakers of all disciplines  give talks on various topics but with a common philosophy: they put forward ideas that are worth spreading.
We leave you with a lecture given by Steven Johnson in 2010. This writer talks about the importance of personal experiences as the main engine in the process and development of an idea.
In the day to day process, the question always arises for the designer: how to develop the concept-creation idea?. Johnson believes in the collision of ideas, the turns of a screw, and the creative «chaos». His understanding of the creative process defines it as a slow motion hunch. All this fabric is what he calls innovation. We could say that there is not such a thing as a ,creative order, or a particular process in the life of a designer. Every designer, either freelance or not, knows whether he is going through a moment of enlightenment, revelation or eureka moment or having an idea in mind and not being able to implement it.
With this post I encourage you to let yourselves be surprised by the unexpected moment. The best ideas come to you unannounced.

» Opportunities favor connected minds»



  • http://tostadora.co.uk Brian Mclackland

    Love the quote
    ” Opportunities favor connected minds”
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