62 poster illustrations for every episode of Breaking Bad

We are pleased to present an artist and designer who we hope to see soon by tostadora.com with its beautiful illustrated posters on television series. His name is Zsolt Molnár,  remember his name because it will arouse quite a lot. This artist from Budapest, has revolutionized the world of television series, in this case Breaking Bad, through a very personal interpretation of them.
To create this serie, and hard work, he worked on it for six months which gave an illustration for each episode and created 62 creative posters for every episode. We leave you with some of them, and for sure you are fans, will recognize the great majority. All his works can be seen through its web Posterology.

«I am the one who knocks»


bre17 bre16 bre15 bre14 bre13 bre12 bre11 bre10 bre9 bre8 bre7 bre6 bre5 bre4 bre3 bre2 bre1

Images by Posterology 




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