Aneta Ivanova: double exposure

We could say that graphic design trends are changing, and are subject to many factors. Each year new trends are cast in the works of artists and portfolios by defining a common line to all of them but where each one applies his own style and essence masterfully. We would love to have an artist related to the world of photography, and experiencing it through innovative techniques. This is the case of Anneta Ivanova, we told you about her magnificent work in this post, and hopefully someday we can count on her artworks on our platform.
 A 23 year old photographer living in Varna, Bulgaria, who takes the concept of «double exposure» to her ground creating incredible works that transmit stories. She takes the concept of portrait much further by using this technique of artistic juxtaposition of two different scenes or themes within the same framework. Sometimes the visual effect of her works seem to be more than two images.
Her style is based on a compilation of pictures from her trips, and photos where she acted as the model. She really knows what she wants to transmit, and adapts it. She experiments with her digital camera, and manually adjusts the effects to get the desired result. Her philosophy is simple and enterprising:


«Regardless of the field, if you have an idea in mind, golf, techniques, technologies do not really matter. The finished piece is all that matters.».




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